• Erin Bomboy

The Dance Enthusiast Hits the Virtual Streets: Stephen Petronio Company's #LoveSpreadsFaster

Life has shrunk in 2020. Time is a loop that spins endlessly, like a top that won’t stop. Space has collapsed to the confines of our homes and the occasional socially distanced stroll. Group interaction unfolds through screens save the tiny bubble of friends and family with whom we live. 

So how do we dance when its very nature requires us to manipulate time and space in the presence of others? These days, that’s impossible, considering the deadly spread of Covid-19. Seasons have been canceled, presenters have temporarily shuttered, and companies are weathering PAUSE in far-flung locations. As for the future, when we’ll gather in theaters and studios? It’s uncertain, and that’s at best.

Yet dance we must, and we’re fortunate the field contains resilient, creative artists who will manage regardless of the circumstances. Like suns that must shine, their resoluteness pokes through the gloomy forecast. The positivity infects us all.

In March, when the world changed from normal to abnormal seemingly overnight, choreographer Stephen Petronio and his eponymous company were on tour in Akron, Ohio, for a residency at theNational Center for Choreography. As the states began quarantining, the dancers . . .

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Jaqlin Medlock in StephenPetronio's Full Half Wrong. Screenshot by Jaqlin Medlock

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