• Erin Bomboy

THE DANCE ENTHUSIAST ASKS: Longtime Publicist Audrey Ross About the Changes in Arts P.R.

Erin Bomboy for The Dance Enthusiast: How did you transition from dance into administrative work and then public relations? What attracted you to the fields? What elements from your dance days do you still continue to use in your daily life?

Audrey Ross: While I was dancing, I also worked as an auditor (reviewer of performances) for the New York State Council on the Arts. When they had a sudden change in staff and needed another associate in the Dance Department, they invited me to do that job. Seeing that my dancing days were over because of a foot injury, I took the opportunity and did that job for a season. One of the applicants that I evaluated was Pentacle, and they invited me to join their staff as publicist. That was very fortunate for me, because I also found it the most interesting of arts administration jobs (no offense to grant writers, fundraisers, booking agents — let's face it — they're all hard!) After 2 years I went out on my own, but continue a happy relationship now as a member of the Board of Pentacle.

One element [from my dance days] is taking responsibility, not giving up, and seeing things through. In dance, for example, even if you think you're going to drop, you will finish the performance or finish the exercise in class.


Audrey Ross and friend in the lobby of Ailey; photo courtesy Audrey Ross

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