• Erin Bomboy

THE DANCE ENTHUSIAST ASKS: Clemencia Vargas about Teaching Young Women STEM Through Dance

Erin Bomboy for The Dance Enthusiast: Congratulations on the new initiative to teach 20 underprivileged girls in grades six through ten from Cundinamarca about STEM careers through dance! How did the impulse for this arise?

Clemencia Vargas: Vive Bailando uses dance as a form of education and transformation. We are always looking to partner with other organizations in the same industry to learn from them and innovate to continue carrying out our mission. Two years ago, I came across STEM from DANCE, an American organization based in Brooklyn. It was very similar to Vive Bailando in terms of its history, structure, and love for movement. However, instead of encouraging the development of socio-emotional skills through dance, they taught coding, animation, and STEM.

I started researching their mission, found an incredible opportunity to become an ally of STEM from DANCE, and reached out to Yamilee, their Founder. Two years later, we have been able to make a pilot project a reality by combining the methodology of both STEM from DANCE and Vive Bailando to initiate this program. In a time where the educational system in Colombia needs to be prioritized, we have implemented innovative programs in an attempt to increase awareness of STEM careers in underrepresented minority groups of girls.


Photo courtesy Vive Bailando