• Erin Bomboy

IMPRESSIONS: Thomas L. DeFrantz/SLIPPAGE’s “Soundz in the Back of My Head” at Gibney

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Approximately three-quarters of the way through his Soundz at the Back of My Head, Thomas L. DeFrantz makes a distinction between listening and hearing. “Listening, we all aspire towards,” he says. “To demonstrate empathy, to comfort . . . to move towards understanding, and becoming more aware of doing something about it. I hear things. I hear people say that they’re not racist, that they don’t see color, but they are and they do, of course. Why not see race for what it is and work through it towards the unknown place beyond disavowal?”

Gem-like observations such as the one above fly thick and fast in the third and final installment of his talkingdance series. In the program, DeFrantz calls it a “dialogic manifesto talking-dancing-technology work.”

For much of the hour-long piece, DeFrantz . . .

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Photo by Scott Shaw

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