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IMPRESSIONS: E/D’s “amplifying the nothing” at Triskelion Arts

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

amplifying the nothing is a work of remarkable efficiency. Two acts, one intermission, and a little pre-performance showboating unspool in less than an hour during its premiere at Triskelion Arts. This isn’t because Erin Cairns Cella and Dages Juvelier Keates, who perform together as E/D, are in a hurry. In fact, they and the piece maintain a leisurely pace. It’s because they’re good editors, presenting a small but striking selection of movement tableaux and sculptural motifs that linger in my mind.

Sporting low-cut, bespangled rompers, the duo finds themselves at an all-inclusive resort, the kind that dots the beaches of the Caribbean. With their backdrops of gorgeous sunsets and expansive infinity pools, these resorts promise equal parts relaxation and intoxication. A trip to one acts as the ultimate reward for those whose 9-5 jobs have bled into all-nighters and working weekends. 

Adopting an attitude of . . .

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E/D’s amplifying the nothing at Triskelion Arts; Photo by Karla Carballar

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