• Erin Bomboy

EMBODIED LIFE: Willow Sanchez on Transitioning from Ballet Dancer to Municipal Lawyer

Willow Sanchez knows how to negotiate. She has negotiated her way from a dance student in the Virgin Islands to an undergraduate at Barnard College, from a member of Dance Theatre of Harlem to a practicing attorney in Dallas, Texas. Along the way, she has negotiated a geographical sweep that has included an early childhood in New York and law school at Stanford University. Currently, she is negotiating a successful career and home renovation while overseeing the education of her daughter, a sophomore at an esteemed art school.

Sanchez credits her excellent negotiation skills to the awareness she developed as a dancer. "Your mind has to be so open when you dance," she says. "Your peripheral vision goes almost all the way behind because you have to be that aware. It's that theme of awareness you need to be a good lawyer because you can't just get stuck on one point of view and feel . . ."

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Willow Sanchez (middle) in "Dougla"; photo courtesy DTH archives