• Erin Bomboy

Curator and Costume Designer Deepsikha Chatterjee on the IAAC's Erasing Borders Dance Festival

Erin Bomboy for The Dance Enthusiast: Congratulations on taking the negative (Covid-19) and turning it into a positive — the all-virtual Erasing Borders Dance Festival! When did you realize you would have to hold the festival online? Is it more difficult to hold a festival online or in-person? Why or why not?

Deepsikha Chatterjee: In January and February we were planning a regular festival. But in March, it became clear we needed to adjust our festival. In our case, holding an online festival was easier. We are the Erasing Borders Dance Festival, hoping for a world where artists can train and perform across genres and in different nations without too many restrictions. But that does not happen . . .

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Vishwakiran Nambi; photo courtesy IIAC's Erasing Borders Dance Festival