• Erin Bomboy

Abdiel Jacobsen and Kristine Bendul on Gender-Neutral Hustle and Competitive Ballroom Dancing

It’s been said that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did . . . but backward and in heels. Although that quip originated in a 1982 Frank and Ernest cartoon by Bob Thaves, the sentiment can resonate just as much today as it did yesterday.

Kristine Bendul and Abdiel Jacobsen have decided it’s time to retire that old chestnut permanently. Jacobsen, a former principal with the Martha Graham Dance Company, and Bendul, a Broadway performer and choreographer, have teamed up to compete in professional ballroom dancing as a gender-neutral couple. They, clad in high heels, organically switch between leading and following several times within a dance. “The future is fluid,” Jacobsen says.

Bendul and Jacobsen met dancing . . .


To read more about Abdiel and Kristine, click HERE.

Photo by Christopher Jones.

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