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MUSING: A Happy Story About the Internet, Brought to You by Writing Fiction

Writing The Winner helped me make a friend!

In 2016, when I released The Winner: A Ballroom Dance Novel, I signed up for a service that would put my book in the hands of reader/reviewers. Reviews are critical to the success of a book because they answer the most crucial question: Is this worth reading? I certainly thought The Winner was worth reading, and I hoped others would too.

Alexandra was one of the first to read and review The Winner. Her review honed in on one of my biggest fears — the tradeoff I made in accurately depicting the ballroom dance world for a taut, eventful narrative. (The Winner, as do all of my novels, includes a fact-versus-fiction section that delves into my choices, which I hoped would be clarifying for dance practitioners and enlightening to newbies.)

I reached out to Alexandra to virtually chat about the review. She was kind enough to respond and gave me excellent feedback for both The Winner and my latest work, The Pas de Deux: A Classical Ballet Romance. We've struck up a friendship, even though we live thousands of miles away.

Alexandra competes in ballroom dancing and is a passionate believer in personal education. She maintains Persed, a website devoted to the latter, for which she generously interviewed me. You can read it here. (She makes me sound really smart, plus she mentions my cat.)

The infancy of the internet promised to connect us, to bring us closer to the roots of our shared humanity. Recently, this seems like a fool's promise. In this instance, however, the internet delivered on its utopian ideal.

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