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VOTE: Last Day for "The Pas de Deux"

It’s the last day to #VOTE for The Pas de Deux!

With each novel I write, I set myself the goal of perfecting one aspect of fiction. In The Piece, it was mastering deep point-of-view; for The Winner, it was creating colorful, fully realized characters. In The Pas de Deux, I set my sights on plot. While plot is probably the most studied aspect of the craft, it is, in my estimation, the hardest. Because for all the books devoted to parsing the differences between the inciting incident and the second pinch point, only six or seven (depending on who you ask) plots exist, which makes it tough to write an original one. Generally speaking, novels are divided into two groups: genre and literary fiction. The former is devoted to tropes (like the rogue cop in thrillers) and beats (the dead-body scene in murder mysteries) while the latter focuses more on character development, pretty words, and themes. With The Pas de Deux, my goal was to take the beats of a romance novel (meet cute, the first kiss) but rework the tropes to create something genre-bending — literary romance. I was adamant about not using any tropes that I find toxic: stalker alpha males, Cinderella motifs, anything that smacked of Fifty Shades of Grey. Instead, I took an idea that felt new and timely to me: the older woman/younger man. Could I make a love affair between a seventeen-year-old guy and a twenty-nine-year-old woman believable while using their relationship to comment on ballet? To decide, you can get a sneak peek of this unusual love affair at Kindle Scout where The Pas de Deux is on its last day.

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