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MUSING: The Enemy of Risk Is Gratitude

On New Year's Day with my daughter, for whom I most grateful.

It’s that time of year when we take stock of the past, acknowledge the present, and plot a course for the future. The optimistic doer in me loves the literal symbolism of the new year: Flip a page and embrace the fresh start where I can right my wrongs and write my wins. I love making lists and checking items off. Productivity is a drug that I can’t seem to get enough of. This year as I’ve put together my list of 2018 resolutions, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that the defining emotion of my youth — desire — has been replaced by a new one — gratitude. I’m grateful for so many things. There are the obvious ones like health, my family, my friends, the opportunity to pass on my love for and knowledge of dance with students, the vibrant dance scene in New York, which I share the privilege of writing about along with my gifted colleagues at The Dance Enthusiast. Then, there are the not so obvious ones like Vanderpump Rules, good moisturizer, Earl Grey tea, and my new navy blue dress.

Me 20 years ago. Can you guess what my New Year's resolutions were then?

Gratitude is good, but it, like all things, casts a shadow. I’m so thankful that my thirst to try new things, do new things, just be something new has diminished. These involve risks that I find myself loath to take because I might lose something for which I’m very, very grateful. So that’s what I’m thinking about in 2018 — managing risk. To everyone, I wish you peace this year.

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