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IMPRESSIONS: Garth Fagan Dance

As a woman of a certain age, I’m always delighted when dancers who aren’t spring chickens take the stage. There is, however, the fear that their technique will not hold up to the demands of the choreography.

Below is a picture of Natalie Rogers performing in Garth Fagan’s Estrogen Genius. She took the stage along with multi-aged company at The Joyce Theater when Garth Fagan Dance blew in from Rochester for a one-week residency.

Can the old hang with the young?



Natalie Rogers in Garth Fagan's Estrogen Genius. Photo by Rosalie O'Connor.

Dance is a language passed down from body to body, spirit to spirit. This physical folklore runs through each dancer back to the beginning of time itself. To watch a person dance is to watch history in action.

Although choreographer Garth Fagan doesn’t take the stage save bows with his titular troupe during its weeklong residency at The Joyce Theater, the influences gathered in him manifest themselves in his performers’ every movement. Born in Jamaica, he studied under modern dance legends Pearl Primus, Martha Graham, and Alvin Ailey, among others. Perhaps best known to the casual dancegoer as the choreographer of The Lion King, Fagan is celebrating 47 years as artistic director of his company — that’s a big deal!

Garth Fagan Dance shares . . .

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